Death and taxes

As the old adage goes, the only thing certain in life are death and taxes.  With the ever changing tax laws that our country currently faces, many of the traditional tax laws that accompanied death are changing rapidly.  New concepts, such as portability, in addition to uncertainty in the tax rates and lifetime exclusion amounts create a very volatile planning environment.  Gift tax exemption amounts are at historic highs, as are estate tax exemption amounts...for now.

The Udall CPA Group understands estate and gift tax laws.  We also understand that, even though the laws are constantly changing, there are plenty of opportunities to plan, and take advantage of, many of the unprecedented rules currently in place.  Our firm has relationships with top estate and gift planning attorneys and are willing to team with your advisors to ensure you are receiving the most current, and beneficial advice for your personal situation.

Avoid being frozen by uncertainty.  Taking no action is the least desirable "path" when it comes to estate planning and estate taxation.