Dentists have the ongoing issue of deciding what is medically necessary, what is cosmetic, and the ongoing maintenance to achieve the patient’s desired goals. They are expected to be available for all types of dental needs and are required to make the best decision for their patients in terms of the needs and wants.

The Udall CPA Group works with our dentists to help ensure success in changing economies, due to its effects on the patients cosmetic and necessary procedures, and assists in the decision about what is necessary and what is preferred in terms of their tax and accounting needs as well.

When the time is right, our firm will assist in reviewing the census information of your business and its people to help identify a retirement plan that meets your business and personal planning needs.

The Udall CPA Group’s focus is to create a partnership with our clients to provide tax and accounting services throughout the year. This helps spread the burden of the tax filing process over time.

Dedication to your practice is promised, and our entire team will work diligently to achieve our common goal -your success.

Some of the services the Udall CPA Group provides to our Dental clients include:

  • Tax planning and projections
  • Compensation planning
  • Retirement plan implementation
  • Structuring to minimize taxes
  • Review and analysis of buy sell agreements
  • Estate and succession planning